Oneplus Oxygen 10.5.7 Update: OnePlus starts rolling out

BBK-owned consumer technology brand OnePlus has rolled out a new software update to its most-recently launched smartphone — OnePlus Nord. The company has rolled out the OxygenOS 10.5.7 as an incremental update globally, including India.
As part of this update, the company is rolling out camera level changes, improvements in display, Bluetooth and Network.
As always, the software update is over-the-air (OTA) and will be rolled out in a phased manner and should reach all the users of OnePlus Nord in a few days.
Here is a complete changelog of the update:
* Power
– Improved general power consumption
* Camera
– Improved 4k 60 FPS video stabilization of front camera
– Improved image clarity of macro camera
* Display
– Improved general display calibration
* Bluetooth
– Improved Bluetooth connection stability
* Network
– Improved voice call stability
This update from OnePlus comes within a week of the OxygenOS 10.5.6 update that came essentially for a fix for the Bluetooth connection stability issue that users reported made their device automatically disconnect from the device they paired it with after a few minutes.
In related news, OnePlus is reportedly gearing up to launch a new budget smartphone series as opposed to an earlier report that it plans to launch a single handset in the budget smartphone category.
Last week, there were reports about a handset that was codenamed ‘Clover’ and now as per a report by Android Central, there are rumours about more handsets that are codenamed ‘Lemonade’, ‘Bengal’ and ‘Billie’ codenames.

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