M Night Shyamalan At 21, Making His First Film In Chennai. It Ran For 2 Weeks

M Night Shyamalan At 21, Making His First Film In Chennai. It Ran For 2 Weeks

M Night Shyamalan shared this image. (courtesy: MNightShyamalan)


  • M Night Shyamalan shared a throwback picture from his first film
  • “Me directing my first film in Chennai,” wrote M Night Shyamalan
  • “It played in two theaters for a few weeks,” he added

New Delhi:

Hollywood director M Night Shyamalan shared one helluva throwback on his Twitter profile on Friday. The 49-year-old filmmaker, posted a picture from the time he was just 21 and was directing his first film in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Dressed in a bright red jacket and wearing a cap, Mr Shyamalan can be seen smiling with his heart, with the film’s crew in the background. He captioned the post: “Me directing my first film in Chennai, India at 21. It played in two theaters for a few weeks.” Along with his tweet, he added the hashtags #persevere and #TBT. The 1992 film Praying With Anger marked Mr Shyamalan’s debut as a director as well as an actor. However, his breakout film was (no points for guessing) The Sixth Sense, starring Bruce Willis.

Check out the tweet here:

M Night Shyamalan, who is known for his unconventional albeit equally gripping storytelling style, loves to share throwback pictures on his social media accounts. Last month, he posted a memory from his childhood days – his first red carpet appearance of sorts. He captioned the picture: “Me in a suit. My parents were young immigrant doctors and this was a moment they dressed me up for some special event. That’s literally a red carpet.”

This is the post we are talking about:

Mr Shyamalan’s love for camera needs no introduction. His 1999 classic The Sixth Sense is the biggest proof. Going by this throwback, we got a slight hint of where the filmmaker developed his love for the camera. “With my camera and my dad. I believe I’m 7. That sofa used to have plastic on it to keep it clean. This must have been a special day. Like a good Asian dad he’s thinking, this kid better put down that camera and start studying,” read the caption on his post.

M Night Shyamalan’s filmography comprises films like Wide Awake, The Village, Unbreakable and Signs, Lady In The Water, The Happening, The Last Airbender and After Earth, to name a few.

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