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Facebook-owned app Instagram is soon going to revamp the layout for the homepage of the app. The app is doing this by testing not only one new layout but three different layouts.
In a tweet, the company posted the three layouts that it feels “represent how people are using the app and giving extra love to creators, videos and shopping.”

Each look differs not only in terms of the shortcuts users get at the bottom tab but also the placement of shortcuts on top as well.
In the first layout, users will see the Reels tab replaces the Explore tab at the bottom and the Shopping tab replaces the Activity tab. Both the Activity shortcut and Explore shortcut move to the top next to Direct Message.
In the second layout, the Shopping tab replaces the Activity tab and the Reels tab replaces the new post shortcut, which has been moved to the top left corner next to the Instagram branding.
Lastly, the third option shows six options at the bottom including the Explore tab, Reels, Shopping as well as activity and the only thing that has been moved up in the new post tab.
In India, the app has already tweaked the layout with the Reels tab appearing at the bottom replacing the Explore tab. However, there is no new Shopping tab and the Activity tab remains at its original place.

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