Dilip Kumar Doesn’t Know Of His Brothers’ Deaths, Says Wife Saira Banu

A still from the video shared by Dilip Kumar. (courtesy: TheDilipKumar )


  • Dilip Kumar’s brothers died of coronavirus
  • His nephews Imran and Ayub carried out Ehsan Khan’s last rites today
  • Dilip Kumar has been in quarantine since March

New Delhi:

Bollywood veteran Dilip Kumar, who lost both his brothers to coronavirus recently, is not aware of their deaths, his wife Saira Banu told Times Of India in an interview. Dilip Kumar’s brothers Ehsan Khan, 90, and Aslam Khan, 88, both coronavirus-positive, were admitted to Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital for treatment, where they died. Saira Banu told Times Of India, “To tell you the truth, Dilip sahib has not been told that Aslam bhai and Ehsan bhai are no more. We keep every kind of disturbing news away from him.” She added, “We didn’t even tell him when Amitabh Bachchan contracted COVID-19 and was admitted in Nanavati Hospital, he’s very fond of Amitabh.” Saira Banu also said that Dilip Kumar’s nephews Imran and Ayub carried out Ehsan Khan’s last rites today.

Sharing an update on the 97-year-old actor’s health, Saira Banu said, “Well, he is confined. Quarantine as such is the first priority but he has had a few changes in blood pressure due to dehydration recently and he’s taking treatment.”

Dilip Kumar’s family friend Faisal Farooqui announced the news of Ehsan Khan’s death on Thursday, on social media. “Dilip Saab’s youngest brother Ehsan Khan passed away few hours ago. Earlier, youngest brother Aslam had passed away. We are from God and to Him we return. Please pray for them.” Faisal Farooqui tweeted.

Dilip Kumar’s youngest brother, Aslam Khan died in August. Dr Jalil Parkar, who oversaw Aslam Khan’s treatment, told news agency PTI, “Mr Aslam passed away due to COVID-19. He had pneumonia with diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. He had multiple organ failure.”

Before the imposition of the nationwide-lockdown in March this year, Dilip Kumar revealed that he and his wife, actress Saira Banu, were under “complete isolation and quarantine” as a precautionary measure against coronavirus. In a separate post, he requested his fans to “stay indoors as much as possible.”

Dilip Kumar is best known for his performances in classics such as Kohinoor, Mughal-e-Azam, Shakti, Naya Daur and Ram Aur Shyam among many others. He was last seen in the 1998 film Qila.

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